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Patrick admits his love to Robin after a row at the hospital over AIDS patient and she immediately rejects him.After wooing her at her apartment she shared with Lainey and Kelly, with flowers and their song, they finally admit their love for one another.

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She lets him know to talk to Robin about this before something happens to Emma.

Patrick tries to talk to Robin about this, but she denies that she's suffering from it.

This leads Patrick to admit he could "maybe someday" love Robin.

During a date night at The Haunted Star Casino, Patrick and Robin are called in to GH because a high risk AIDS patient has been admitted and Patrick has been more than willing to operate on these high risk patients.

She nearly dies in a hostage situation at the Metro Court Hotel.

Their relationship progressed along for a while with the ups and downs that were quite common for the couple.When Patrick arrived in town he was very cocky but as he slowing fell in love with Robin, he became a different man. Robin Scorpio-Drake and together they have daughter named, Emma, who was born in November of 2008 and a son named, Noah, who was born in July of 2017.Through his marriage to Robin, he gained Robert and Anna Scorpio as in-laws.However in a critical moment, Patrick's glove is torn but he has no choice but to keep operating.He and Robin fear he might be HIV-positive and grow closer because of the ordeal.However, Robin calls and lets him know that Emma's running a fever, and she's bringing her to the hospital.

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