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Uryū sat on the couch as Orihime brought out two classes of cold tea."What do you want to talk about? As these dates went on, I started to realized that these dates and our relationship could help me to slowly learn how to express emotions." Uryū explained."I see… Even thought Uryū expected this to happen, he felt hurt." Uryū asked."Uryū you are an amazing boyfriend for these past months… Uryū decided to try and study for his upcoming exams.

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" The new man asked."Quilge Opie, I want you to lead a small group of your army in the Dangai.

Your mission is to capture former Echt Quincy Masaki Kurosaki and Gemischt Quincy Ishida Uryū." The man sitting on the throne said."How much time do I have to get ready your Highness? However, have your chosen ready when Haschwalth tells you otherwise." The man sitting on the throne said."Yes my lord. " Opie asked."Go my Hunting Captain." The man sitting on the throne said.

That way I get rid of my Chain and don't need to worry about anyone trying to find me in Soul Society since I'm already there." Masaki proposed."It is possible. I'm fine, sorry about that." Feeling dejected from her train of thought she slumps back down and stares at her small shrine once again. Gloomily, she then looks out beyond her bedroom window and proceeds to stare at the crescent moon floating in the sky. Finally closing her eyes for a few seconds, she opens her mouth and mutters something that became unable to reach the ears of no one as the wind blew viciously against the window. I later call Sado and Uryū and they both gave me little to know information, now then. He is wearing a white uniform, consisting of the order's signature hooded-cloak, a calf-length trench coat commensurate of his rank with dark green fur running down from his left collar to the front of the coat, a green belt with a golden belt buckle, along with white trousers and shoes."Read it Haschwalth." The person on the throne ordered."Yes my lord." Haschwalth said. At some time, former Echt Quincy Masaki Kurosaki and Gemischt Quincy Ishida Uryū will be entering the Dangai." Haschwalth said."I see…

We may need to discuss it with Urahara." Ryūken said."Ok." Masaki said. " Urahara asked."We were wondering if you could open a portal to Soul Society." Uryū asked."Why? The boyfriend of such a girl would be so glad to hear such words in a warm tone. "According to the spy, Kurosaki Ichigo has left Karakura Town." Haschwalth read."I see… excellent." The person sitting on the throne said."What do you wish to be done your Highness?

Having Ichgio crossover to other media without labeling it as a crossover. However, with the guilt and anger of Sado's actions towards Ichigo broke him. Meanwhile an older man was walking around near that area.

The Protector's Temptation by Sedor inspired me to have a little splash of Kyōka in this madness. " Tatsuki asked."Because Ichigo wanted us to leave him alone and we will. As he older man was walking around, he heard sound of punching and uncontrolled breathing. Following the older man's path, they got out of the forest.A Protector's Pride by Neo Ryu777 gave me the ideas of Quincies in Hell~ Do Me A Wrong by Chaos Emperor Nex inspired me on the idea of Ichigo going to Kyoto and learning about the supernatural world and overall DXD starting point. So Chad left Urahara's shop to find something to let his anger out on. It was you, Chad and Uryū who pushed Ichigo out." Tatsuki yelled. However, his remaining friends who didn't have any powers and knew about the secret didn't push him away. Anyways, are you going to do anything about to fix this? " Orihime questioned."Are you going to do anything to get Ichigo back? The older man slowly walked towards the area he's hearing this sound. A few minutes later, Sado noticed the older man was guiding Sado to a gym. Sado could see the older man bring out a first aid kit and pointed at a chair. am." Sado replied."Have you done any fighting before?If you haven't read these Fanfictions, give them a shot. Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo, TV Tokyo, Viz Media, Studio Pierot... Yuzu, Karin, Uryū and Ryūken went to go find the grief stricken Masaki. Yuzu and Karin managed to find Masaki and called the others. The four decided to give Masaki some space and turned around ready to walk away when they heard Masaki."Your four, you could come down." Masaki said. I am-" Ryūken began to say."Don't be." Masaki replied."What? "Uryū you are young and you likely you had no experience in dealing with what Ichigo went through. " Tatsuki yelled and stood up."Tatsuki-chan please, sit down." Orihime said. "According to a letter that Ichigo wrote, he said that he is leaving town to forget his old life because of all the negativity we brought to him." Orihime said."We? The older man walked to see Sado punching the tree one more time and the tree fell."Impressive." The older man said. was angry and needed some place to let out some steam." Sado said."I see…" The man said. Sado looked at his knuckles to see that they are bleeding. Sado sat down and allowed the old man to bandage Sado's knuckles. " The man asked."I have done a little self-defense street fighting." Sado answered."Due to racial bastards? I'll teach you." The man raised his hand towards Sado.With that the five returned back to Urahara Shōten. " Urahara questioned."We were thinking if it is possible to taken Masaki to Soul Society to get rid of her Soul Chain." Ryūken said."I see…" Urahara said. However, behind those words or rather on the other side of the line was one that was longing for much more. I love Ichigo more than anyone else." Someone said as she appeared in the room. Her hair long, waist-length and her bangs naturally frame her face and also hang over her ears. " Haschwalth asked."We will have our spy continue to monitor the situation."Likely you would need a Shinigami to meet you somewhere in the Rukongai." Urahara said."Yes." Masaki said."Well… Those dead eyes wanting to search for something much more that would satisfy the pain and suffering that resides in the heart of the young girl. She appears to be virtually identical to Orihime, except inverted in color. Her eyes have black pupils, white irises, and black sclera. I want Quilge Opie to be brought to me." The person on the throne ordered."Right away your Highness." Haschwalth said as he stood up and left."Soon all of my children shall return to me." The man sitting on the throne said.I want to take this moment to give some shout outs to Fanfictions that inspired me to write my own.~Wanderlust by cywscross inspired me to have Ichigo leaving Karakura Town after the Winter War and expanded on the idea of his friends and family abanding him.

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