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He would have to see about rewarding those two servants, especially after they'd brought him this amazingly comfortable chair. Lay Z Boys were definitely the way to go in comfortable seating.Being told that he was a better teacher than Snape...well, given the man's dour personality, and irrational hatred of all things Potter, he didn't doubt the boy's claims for a second.

The fact that he was exchanging cordial letters with the boy, as well as the fact that he was using their connection, not to torture him, but to actually teach him proper Occlumency and Leglimency was a testament to that. Much as he didn't want to admit it, he was actually jealous of the boy.

While he'd enjoyed Bellatrix's bedroom talents on many an occasion, he hadn't ever gotten the chance to sample Narcissa.

He just might have to amend his stance on Muggles, because bloody hell they knew how to do comfortable seating.888888August 2August 2 found Harry relaxing in the plush bed that Narcissa had transfigured.

Said witch was currently setting up a makeshift classroom, complete with lab for a Potions tutoring session.

He also found himself interested in the section about proving the superiority of pure blood false.

Given the minions he'd found himself saddled with, he'd often wondered himself, but he truly found himself wondering if it was actually possible to prove it.

Sure, he could have ordered it, but really, what would that have said about him as a man.

Murder and torture he could live with, but any man who had to force himself on a woman to get tail, was just pathetic.

The idea had come about when he'd woke up that morning to find her laying next to him, naked as the day she was born, reading a very advanced Potions book.

Without Lucius to stifle her interests, she'd decided to pick her passion back up.

Yes, this is impossibly fast, but again, chalk it up to Harry being naturally talented, Narcissa's reward system for him learning, and a plothole the size of Buckingham Palace.

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