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Now most people will typically point the NS to Rackspace, then they will manage the DNS on rackspace and have the email hosted on rackspace and then use fowarders in that email system to whatever address you want.

If this is your setup, then you will need to set up MX records on rackspace to point to rackspace mail servers, or point them back to godaddy to use their email servers.

Then you will find your Mail Working within 6-12 hours of span.

) pointing at [email protected] but it keeps stucking at "validating mx records" i contacted both hosts and said that i need to add my web server providers mx records to my domain... thing is that i searched but didnt find a solution on this...

There are a variety of factors that affect sending and receiving email. You need to have the correct MX records to get your email.

You can verify that you have correct settings for your MX Records in the Workspace Control Center.No email is ever stored on the server, it's all proxied in memory to the recipient's mail server (view the source on Git Hub if you'd like to learn more about how it works! The documentation is hosted at and you can configure it with the instructions below.Email Forwarding works only if your First Email ID is working perfect.I also tried with another email provider and my company's email address. I built a free, open-source, encrypted, and private solution at hoster supports email forwarding, thus I activated it with the "catch all" option and added my 3 email addresses as target. This service does not store logs, it is completely private and simply acts as a proxy.Then according to Setting, Email is Forwarded to Second Email ID.

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