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If you ask that creator, she might tell you of the never-ending stream of micro-aggressions and diminutive treatment from older male creators.She might tell you about the boundary-pushing behavior, the multiple “How about dinner? Maybe breakfast then, heh heh” come-ons, the constant “I’m only kidding, don’t take it so seriously… She might tell you about the creators who would grab her ass during an otherwise “friendly” hug or about the co-worker who insisted that if he was going to keep working with her, she had to be “nicer to him” as he leans into her personal space.

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Stories about his wandering hands, or trying to force a kiss from them… “Uncle Julie” also assaulted a young female comic artist in a limousine and had sexually harassed several other women working in comics at the time. The beloved creator of The Flash, Hawkman and the Green Lantern, or a couple of chicks? Men in positions of power and authority – creators, editors and publishers, convention runners – making passes and unwelcome remarks or trying to manipulate young and impressionable female creators into sex…

Even allowing for such shitty behavior on the part of old men, you might be forgiven for thinking that this was all in the past – an ugly but ultimately point in comics history… talk to enough women in comics and you’d think you were hearing about the goings-on at Sterling Cooper, not about conventions in 2013.

Colleen Doran and Lea Hernandez both found this out first hand when they spoke out publicly about the harassment that they’ve faced over the course of their careers and almost immediately faced an epic shitstorm of outrage.

They were accused of being liars, of being attention whores, of being overly sensitive or just plain crazy.

Brian Wood is known for, amongst other things, his feminist credentials in the comics industry.

He’s the author on the first all-female X-Men title in Marvel Comics’ history and has helped foster the careers of many women during his tenure as a writer on Conan the Barbarian, Northlanders, and other titles.One name that comes up over and over again is Julius Schwartz.Schwartz was comics royalty, a contemporary of legends like Carmine Infanto and Joe Kubert – a beloved figure at DC Comics and a critical architect of comic’s Silver Age.but it’s rare that such behavior becomes more than a poorly-kept secret.Everyone may know about it, but nobody’s willing to talk. This behavior is enabled by an overwhelming culture of silence, especially when it comes to bad behavior amongst pros.The cosplayers may tell you about the big-name photographer who keeps pushing for a “private” photo session.

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