Dating game legs showing

She rejects one well-endowed fella as “too intimidating”, leaving him to lament: “If she’d got to know me she’d know I’m the kindest most gentlest person there is, so that wouldn’t be a problem.” Well, that’s the nature of the show.

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They don’t even get to reveal their faces or speak until they have been whittled down to the last two.

The six suitors discard any cheesy chat-up lines and twinkly-eyed charm along with their clothes — it’s all about whether their date fancies their dangly bits.

Nearly all the ditched contestants take rejection well, except one devastated man who looks close to tears.

Another reject describes the show as a “confidence boost”.

Predictably, the show is weighted in favour of the well-endowed and it’s obvious how much the men like her.

Happily, Aina picks fast enough to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Aina, who says she’s looking for a “best mate who is also good in bed”, gets to see the torsos and discards another man, before being allowed to see the final four’s faces. Luckily, Anna fills any silent moments with educational facts — like why women prefer girth to length — with cringey graphics which are in some ways more explicit than the naked bodies.

After the third man is rejected based on looks alone, Aina gets to actually hear the others speak then sends another one home.

Naked Attraction is set to make Take Me Out look like a prim Jane Austen novel and Blind Date like Brief Encounter.

Yet it sets itself up not as some titillating fleshfest riding roughshod over the boundaries of decency, but as a SCIENTIFIC experiment.

She describes one candidate as “very Botticelli” before giving them the heave-ho.

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