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Off and on campus, Sulkowicz continues to be at the center of a national conversation about campus sexual assault.Earlier this month, the about the “long overdue” national attention given to campus sexual assault.Columbia’s sexual respect education program would allow for students to also create art projects about sexual assault.

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Boundaries are more than just that thing your roommate won't stop talking to you about when you refuse to buy your own body wash.

While weekend nights (and the occasional senior night) are great times for socializing, Monday through Thursday is all about that GPA.

In April, 23 students filed a federal complaint, alleging several Title IX and Clery Act violations.

This fall, one of those students, Emma Sulkowicz, began carrying a blue mattress around campus.

Six new staff positions at the university's office of sexual violence and response were created and a new support center was opened.

Case managers now help guide survivors through the reporting process, and the policy makes clear which offices and resources can and cannot keep student complaints confidential. Robert Hornsby, associate vice president for media relations at Columbia, said at the time that many components of the new policy were developed as a "direct response" to concerns expressed by students in a series of formal and informal meetings last year.

Weihl said the students were “very unhappy” that the university is adopting the program.

“It has become abundantly clear to us that the issue they truly care about is one of public relations, not student safety,” she said.

That spring, the names of four alleged rapists were written on the wall of a bathroom stall.

The names began appearing in restrooms and other buildings around campus, and eventually on fliers.

“We must measure our efforts not by how we fare in the context of short-term media coverage focused on individual cases, but rather by the lasting quality of the initiatives we launch now and continue to develop,” he and Suzanne B.

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